Programme 2017

Villa Park, Birmingham | Sep 14th - 15th 2017

Programme 2017

Day 1


09:30 Morning refreshments
10:00 Chair’s opening welcome
Adding air quality to water safety
Speakers: Andrew Gaved, Editor, H&V News
10:10 Why Healthy Air Should be High on your Agenda: New Priorities on Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Reviewing your Building Assessments
  • A building performance review – what to look for in your building? Exploring existing building guidelines vs. newer build guidelines for safer and more efficient facilities. Latest policy and practice updates and considerations towards Building performance in relation to air and the relationship with water
  • Improving hydro-thermal performance with Hygrothermal modelling - Investigating the dangers of interstitial condensation and what you can do to predict/monitor these?


10:35 Building Manager Perspective: Tackling the IAQ & Water challenges
  • A residential case study explores implementing HVAC and surrounding issues of indoor air quality
  • Health at the ‘Heart’ of Sustainable Cities: A Commercial build perspective

Speakers: Paul White, Housing Development Manager,Enfield Borough Council (TBC)

11:00 Networking refreshments break
11:30 BESA’s call for new Clean Air Act: How it affects estates managers & making IAQ part of the planning process
  • 'How do we make buildings safe havens from pollution? IAQ in action'

Speakers: Giuseppe Borgese, Vice President at BESA & chair of the Indoor Air Quality group Presentation

12:00 Indoor Air Quality Summit: The Next Generation of Ventilation
The best approaches to maintaining (IAQ) and ventilation hygiene: strategy, technology, benchmarks, what’s supposed to come out of air-conditioners vs reality, sick building syndrome investigations, correct HVAC operation and maintenance. What needs to be done to embed better IAQ and what are the obstacles to progress?
Talk show
13:00 Networking lunch and exhibition viewing break
14:15 How to prevent HVAC and Water Hygiene Problems being Designed into Buildings from Day One: 360 Degree View
Exploring issues from structures resultant from the original design: lessons learned and implementing them into future design
Speakers: Steve Vaughan, Regional Director - Public Health Engineering, AECOM
Steve Hall, Senior Engineering Manager Engineering Services Unit Design & Implementation, Hampshire County Council
Stewart Crowe, Health, Safety and Risk Manager, University of Liverpool
Panel discussion
14:40 Testing and Sampling: Air and Water Quality
Identifying and quantifying pollutants (e.g. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases and particles), their sources, health risks and the action required, dealing with odour problems, assessing materials' emissions, the risks of vapour intrusion from contaminated land, radon, ventilation, damp and combustion products.
Panel discussion (with presentations)
An Indoor air quality assessment - measuring and monitoring of indoor air quality (IAQ)
Speakers: Kathryn Woolley, Senior Air Quality Consultant, SHL Consultants
Heloísa Fonseca, Radiation Protection Scientist, Public Health England Sampling water and inspection
TBC, Inspector,Yorkshire Water
15:00 Climate Adaptation Projects: Adapting Buildings for Indoor Air Quality and Water Safety in a Changing Climate
Preparing for weatherisation and ventilation challenges of the future in this session we shall hear lessons learned and developing guidance for health protection, including mitigation and adaptation responses for the future for the built environment
  • Ventilation and fire risk - BS: 9999 (2017) Fire safety code of practice for fire damper installation and maintenance

Speakers: Paul Downing, Technical consultant, Building Engineering Services Association (BESA)

  • Understanding the effects of climate change on IAQ (indoor air quality)
  • Water revolution & smart cities – what implications will this hold for estate managers?

Panel discussion (with presentations)

15:30 Networking refreshments break
16:00 Going Beyond the Individual Building Level and Looking at the Urban Level for a System-wide Approach to Infection Prevention
  • Addressing a system-wide approach to effectively address both mitigation goals and health goals within cities
  • Optimising health in climate friendly new commercial builds right now, and addressing key areas we are lagging


17:10 Chair’s Day 1 wrap up
17:30 – 19:00 Combating Legionella and Water Treatment Awards 2017
H&V News Combating Legionella and Water Treatment Awards brings to the fore the unsung heroes of the water hygiene industry and sheds some light on some of the most innovative and successful projects on Legionella, Pseudomonas and other waterborne bacteria prevention, control and treatment. Five awards will be given to the lucky winners across the following categories: Best Legionella Management Plan, Product of the Year: Chemical Solution and Engineering Solution, Supplier of the Year, Lifetime Achievement. Ceremony will be followed by a drinks reception.
Awards ceremony

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