Why and who attends

Why and who attends

New Reasons to Attend?

Building on the decade-long success of its Combating Legionella and Water Treatment conference, H&V News brings you a wider discussion on the challenges that engineers and estates managers currently face maintaining public and private buildings this year.

Indoor Air Quality & Water Safety 2017 will provide a unique platform for collaboration between a variety of senior executives from the water and indoor air sector including engineers, estates, building and health and safety managers  - where we shall explore the latest challenges and emerging opportunities for the industry.

The aim this year is to promote action on compliance, future work strategies and productive partnerships that overcome the key regulatory challenges and facilitate minimising risk while saving on overall cost.

       Identify the optimum maintenance strategy

       Hear the best practices & raising standards in compliance

       Tackle and re-examine your safety assessment

       Explore the relationship between air & water

       Establish the main causes of infection and how can I prevent them?

       Specify which types of failure have the biggest impact on productivity?

       How to avoid catastrophic failure of the technical components through O&M practice?

       Learn to comply under a limited budget  

       Identify how are other estates are reducing their maintenance costs whilst delivering better performance?


Who Can You Expect to Meet?

  • Heads/managers of estates
  • Heads/managers of maintenance
  • Water managers
  • Health, safety and risk managers
  • Principal services engineers
  • Legionella officers/managers 

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